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Julia GorelikFunctional Imagining of Nanodomains in CardiomyocytesLink12/7/2021
Toon Van VeenArrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy: from bedside to bench and back to the patientLink11/9/2021
Ulrich SchottenFrom translation to integration: What is the next step in addressing the complexity of atrial fibrillation mechanisms?Link10/5/2021
Antonio ZazaTherapeutic SERCA Enhancement – why and howLink9/28/2021
Ana María GómezNew Mechanism in Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia (CPVT1)Link9/14/2021
Michel HaïssaguerreNew Insight on Unexplained Sudden Cardiac DeathLink5/4/2021
Carol Ann RemmeSodium Channel Dysfunction and Cardiac Arrhythmias – Novel Mechanisms and Therapeutic TargetsLink4/13/2021
Peter KohlThe Non-Textbook Heart – Structure, Electrics, Mechanics”Link3/23/2021
Barbara CasadeiAtrial Fibrillation – Bridging the Gaps03/09/2021
David EisnerControl of Calcium in the Heart – Free and Beyond02/23/2021
W. Jonathan LedererMitochondrial ATP Production in Cardiac CellsLink02/09/2021
Elisabetta CerbaiAbnormalities in Sodium Current and Calcium Homeostasis as Drivers of Arrhythmogenesis in Hypertrophic CardiomyopathyLink12/15/2020
Karin SipidoArrhythmias After Myocardial Infarction – of Myocytes and Fibroblasts12/08/2020
Chao ZhouAn Integrated High-Speed Imaging and Optogenetic Pacing System to Study the Drosophila HeartLink02/10/2020
Denis NobleFrom Pacing the Heart to the Pace of EvolutionLink01/27/2020
Michael GreenbergUnderstanding Familial Cardiomyopathies from the Ground UpLink12/02/2019
David AlbertECGI AI in 2019: The Power to See the InvisibleLink11/25/2019
Youxing JiangStructural Mechanisms of Selectivity & Gating of the Mitochondrial Calcium UniporterLink11/04/2019
Ira CohenFrom Biological Pacemakers to Cancer TherapyLink10/28/2019
Steven MarxUnravelling the Mechanisms of Fight or Flight: It’s All About the NeighborhoodLink09/16/2019
Eleonora GrandiIn silico Approaches to Inform Atrial Fibrillation Selective PharmacotherapyLink04/29/2019
Nathaniel HuebschHuman iPSC-based Engineered Micro-Tissues to Study Familial CardiomyopathyLink04/15/2019
Lucie DelemotteStructural Dynamics of Voltage-Gated Ion Channels:
Implications for Health & Disease
Joseph WuStem Cells & Genomics for Precision MedicineLink01/28/2019
Riccardo OlceseL-Type Calcium Channel Gating Modifiers: Prospective Next-Generation AntiarrhythmicsLink12/03/2018
Richard AldrichCalcium, Calmodulin and Potassium ChannelsLink11/19/2018
Andrew MarksRyanodine Receptor: Structure, Function & Therapeutic Targeting for Diseases of Heart & MuscleLink11/12/2018
Andrea RussoAdvancements in Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy: Focus on Lead Technology and DefibrillationLink11/05/2018
Michael GliksonICD 2017 – Lessons from the Israeli ICD RegistryLink05/07/2018
David CallansTreatment of Ventricular Arrhythmias in Structural Heart Disease04/16/2018
Penelope BoydenIon Channel Remodeling: A Structure Function Disconnect?Link04/02/2018
David FedidaCardiac Repolarization in Health & DiseaseLink03/05/2018
Alfred BuxtonVentricular Tachycardia Following Myocardial Infarction: What is the SubstrateLink02/05/2018
Alan GarfinkelBifurcation Theory and the Dynamics of Cardiac Arrhythmias”Link01/29/2018
Patrick EllinorUsing Genetics to Identify the Molecular Mechanisms of Atrial FibrillationLink12/18/2017
Glenn FishmanNovel Regulators of Cardiac RhythmLink12/04/2017
Richard GrossMembrane-mediated Alterations in Cardiac Bioenergetics, Electrophysiology & SignalingLink11/27/2017
Francis MarchlinskiLessons Learned from Mapping & Ablation of Nonischemic CardiomyopathyLink11/20/2017
Marc VosLonger Lasting Torsade de Pointes Arrhythmias Require Reentry for its Maintenance in the CAVB Dog ModelLink05/08/2017
Emilia EntchevaMassively-Parallel All-Optical Cardiac ElectrophysiologyLink04/17/2017
Saman Nazarian The Anatomic Substrate for Reentrant ArrhythmiaLink03/20/2017
Peter MohlerDefining New Pathways Underlying Human ArrhythmiaLink03/06/2017
Blanca RodriguezInvestigating Variability in Human Electrophysiology: Population, Drugs and DiseaseLink02/03/2017
Amit NoheriaAdvances in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy – Have We Maximized Electrical Resynchrony?01/23/2017
Andrew McCullochCardiac Mechanoelectric Feedback: A Role for Caveolae?Link01/18/2017
Richard VerrierQuantitative T-wave Alternans Analysis for Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Assessment and Guiding Therapy: Answered and Unanswered QuestionsLink12/19/2016
Ting Ting HongFrom Protein to Mouse to Human: cBIN1 in E-C Coupling and Heart Failure Management12/05/2016
Phillip Cuculich and
Clifford Robinson
Development of Entirely Noninivasive Cardiac Ablation PlatformLink11/28/2016
William CatterallRegulation of Cardiac Calcium Channels in the Fight-or-Flight Response: From Molecular Mechanisms to Heart FailureLink11/21/2016
Héctor ValdiviaScorpions, Snakes, Insecticides and Coffee: Insights into the Genesis of Calcium-Dependent ArrhythmiasLink10/31/2016
Hugues AbrielCardiac Sodium Channel Nav1.5 & Interacting Proteins: Roles in Cardiac ChannelopathiesLink05/02/2016
Donald HilgemannRegulation of Cardiac Na/K Pumps With & Without PhospholemmaLink04/18/2016
Vivek ReddyNew Approaches & Technologies in Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation & Ventricular ArrhythmiasLink04/11/2016
João LimaMyocardial Fibrosis in Sudden DeathLink03/28/2016
Geoffrey AbbottK+ Channel – Linked Arrhythmias: Lessons from a Decade of Studying KCNE Knockout MiceLink02/15/2016
Paul J. WangThe Future of Arrhythmia Therapy: New Approaches and Device Innovation”Link02/07/2016
Peter BackxAtrial Remodeling Induced by Exercise: a Model(s) for Atrial FibrillationLink01/25/2016
Colin NicholsCardiovascular KATP: The Surprises – and Diseases – Keep on ComingLink12/14/2015
David KassCardiac Desynchronization/Resynchronization: A New Heart Therapy12/07/2015
Hakan OralAblation of Atrial FibrillationLink11/23/2015
Nassier MarroucheThe Role of Atrial Fibrosis & Scar in Managing the AF patientLink11/16/2015
Connie BezzinaGenetics of Sudden Cardiac Death: A Shift From Mendelian to Complex Inheritance ParadigmsLink11/05/2015
Luis Fernando SantanaBeat-to-Beat Fidelity: How Cardiac Muscle Attains Stable, Reproducible EC CouplingLink10/26/2015
Bertil HilleG Protein Coupled Receptors, Phosphoinositide Lipids, and Ion Channels Control Membrane ExcitabilityLink10/19/2015
David PattersonCyclic Nucleotides & Neural Control of Cardiac Excitability: Implications for Therapeutic TargetingLink05/11/2015
Ye Chen – IzuThe Tangling of Three Dynamical Systems in the Heart:
Interactions of the Electrical, the Ca2+ Signaling, and the Contractile Systems
Patrick JayCongenital Heart Disease: Outside & Inside the BoxLink04/13/2015
C. William BalkeCalcium-Permeable Sodium Channels: Novel Modulation of Cardiac ExcitationLink03/09/2015
Sándor Györke‘Ryanopathy’: From Ryanodine Receptor to Cardiac ArrhythmiaLink02/23/2015
Mark E. AndersonA Metabolic Mechanism for Cardiac PacemakingLink01/26/2015
Omer BerenfeldRotational Waves in Atrial Fibrillation:
Role, Mechanisms and Mapping
Ralph DamianoSurgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation:
Present State-of-the-Art
Steven GeorgeTissue Engineering a 3D In Vitro of Perfused Human Cardiac Muscle11/17/2014
Ursula RavensAtrial-Selective Drug Targets: Hope or Hype for Antiarrhythmic Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation?Link11/10/2014
Jonathan MakielskiLate Sodium Current, a Mechanism for Angina, Heart Failure, and Arrhythmia, is Controlled by Nitrosylation Mechanisms Within the Cardiac Sodium Channel ComplexLink10/27/2014
Jeanne NerbonneMechanisms Contributing to Myocardial Potassium Channel Diversity, Regulation and RemodelingLink10/13/2014
Gerald DornUnderstanding the Mitochondrial Dynamism-Mitophagy-Apoptosis InteractomeLink10/06/2014
Philipp SasseNovel Approaches for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiac ArrhythmiasLink05/12/2014
Paul VoldersMolecular Regulation of Ventricular Repolarization in Long-QT Syndrome Type 1Link05/05/2014
David ChristiniMultiscale Approach to Illuminating the Mechanisms of, and Guiding Therapy for, Atrial FibrillationLink04/28/2014
John M. MillerThe QRS Complex in Ventricular Tachycardia: What is it Telling Us?Link04/21/2014
Jonathan SilvaPredicting How Ion Channel Conformation Shapes Cardiac Myocyte Electrophysiology04/17/2014
Guy SalamaSex, Calcium and ArrhythmiasLink03/31/2014
Stacey RentschlerProgramming and Reprogramming Cardiac ConductionLink02/24/2014
Timothy KampCaveolae and Regulation of Cardiac RepolarizationLink02/10/2014
Xander WehrensNew Insights into Atrial Fibrillation ProgressionLink02/03/2014
Lior GepsteinElectrophysiological Implications of Pluripotent Stem CellsLink11/25/2013
Eli RothenbergNovel Imaging Approaches for Mapping Molecular Interactions in Cardiac Cells11/11/2013
James WeissNew Approaches to Unravel the Genetics of Complex DiseasesLink11/04/2013
Lori IsomRole of Sodium Channel Alpha and Beta Subunits in Dravet Syndrome and SUDEPLink10/28/2013
Calum MacRaeZebrafish: A Simple Model for Complex ArrhythmiasLink10/21/2013
Björn KnollmannInduced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes for Arrhythmia ResearchLink10/14/2013
Mario DelmarConnexin43, plakophilin-2 and the sodium channel complex: Partners in a heartbeat. Arrhythmia mechanisms in ARVCLink10/07/2013
Olivier BernusMultimodal Three-Dimensional Imaging of Cardiac Electrical Activity and Microstructure04/04/2013
Arthur A. M. WildeInherited Arrhythmia Syndromes, Beyond the Causal MutationLink05/07/2012
Gideon KorenOf Mice, Rabbits and Men: Mechanisms of Arrhythmia in Transgenic Rabbits with Long QT PhenotypeLink04/16/2012
Thomas HundCaMKII-Dependent Regulation of Cardiac Excitability in Health and DiseaseLink03/05/2012
Douglas Packer4/5D Image-Integrated Mapping for Atrial Fibrillation AblationLink02/20/2012
Gail RobertsonThe Biophysical Basis of Cardiac Repolarization:
Contributions of hERG Ion Channels
Henry HalperinMRI Imaging of Cardiac Arrhythmic SubstrateLink01/30/2012
Alfred George, Jr.Genetic Disorders of Cardiac Sodium Channels12/11/2011
Kenneth LauritaCalcium Mediated Arrhythmogenesis in Myocardial InfarcationLink12/05/2011
Preben BjerregaardThe Development of a Short QT SyndromeLink11/28/2011
Randall RasmussonArrhythmia to Autism: Molecular Models of Inactivation During RepolarizationLink11/07/2011
David RosenbaumCardiac Electrical Remodeling in Health and Disease10/31/2011
Brian O’RourkeMitochondria in Heart Disease: a Cascade of FailuresLink10/10/2011
Phillip CuculichNon-Invasive ECG Imaging (ECGI) of Atrial FibrillationLink04/04/2011
Pen-Sheng ChenNeural Control of Heart RhythmLink03/21/2011
Bernard AttaliGated Motions and Assembly Modalities of the Cardiac IKs Potassium ChannelLink02/28/2011
Gea-Ny TsengCardiac Slow Rectifier (IKs) Channel: Structure-Function Relations, Remodeling & TherapeuticsLink02/07/2011
Stanley NattelMechanisms by Which Exercise Training Can Increase Cardiac Arrhythmia Risk: Can We Have Too Much of a Good Thing?Link01/31/2011
Barry London11/29/2010
Kalyanam Shivkumar11/08/2010
Mark Levin11/01/2010
Guatam K. Singh10/25/2010
Mark Josephson10/18/2010
Colleen Clancy10/11/2010
Sanjiv Naryan04/05/2010
R. John Solaro03/22/2010
Jennifer Silva and
Subham Ghosh
Robert Kass02/01/2010
Melvin Scheinman01/25/2010
Victor Davila-Roman11/09/2009
Heather Duffy11/02/2009
José Jalife10/19/2009
Anthony Muslin10/05/2009
Douglas Mann09/10/2009
W. Jonathan Lederer08/31/2009
André Kléber05/18/2009
Kewei Wang05/14/2009
Silvia G. Priori05/11/2009
Glenn Fishman04/13/2009
Douglas Zipes05/23/2009
Patrick Jay03/16/2009
George F. Van Hare03/02/2009
Pamela K. Woodard02/09/2009
Colin Nichols02/02/2009
Niraj Varma01/26/2009
Michael Rosen01/12/2009
Joseph O’Sullivan12/08/2008
R. Martin Arthur12/01/2008
Dorothy Hanck11/24/2008
Yoram Rudy11/17/2008
Dario DiFrancesco11/06/2008
Timothy W. Smith10/20/2008
Robin Shaw10/13/2008
Niels Otani10/01/2008
David Sedmera05/12/2008
Andrew Wit04/21/2008
Jianmin Cui04/14/2008
Igor Efimov03/31/2008
Raymond Ideker03/24/2008
J. Andrew Wasserstrom02/25/2008
Jane Chen02/18/2008
Penelope Boyden02/11/2008
Jan Kucera02/08/2008
Charles Antzelevitch01/28/2008
Luca Pavarino01/08/2008
R. Gilbert Jost12/10/2007
Mitchell Faddis12/03/2007
David Sept11/26/2007
Larry Taber11/19/2007
Mari Watanabe11/12/2007
Richard Gross10/29/2007
James G. Miller10/22/2007
Steve A. N. Goldstein10/15/2007
Bruno Taccardi04/16/2007
Paul Volders03/06/2007
Elliot McVeigh03/05/2007
David Van Wagoner02/26/2007
John Boineau02/19/2007
Craig January02/12/2007
David Wilber02/05/2007
Sándor J Kovác01/29/2007
Jean Schaffer01/22/2007
Michael Sanguinetti12/18/2006
Jeanne Nerbonne12/04/2006
Bruce Lindsay11/06/2006
Yael Yaniv11/03/2006
Achi Ludomirsky10/30/2006
Edward Rhee10/23/2006
John Boineau10/09/2006
Randal Numann09/18/2006
Bruno Taccardi05/22/2006
Albert Waldo05/01/2006
Henk E.D.J. ter Keurs04/10/2006
Madison Spach04/03/2006
Craig Henriquez03/27/2006
Kyongtae Bae03/20/2006
William G. Stevenson03/06/2006
Donald Bers02/27/2006
Samuel Wickline02/20/2006
Daniel Kelly02/06/2006
Michael Cain01/23/2006
Geoffrey Pitt01/09/2006
Kathryn Yamada12/12/2005
Ralph Damiano, Jr.12/05/2005
Yoram Rudy11/28/2005
Peter Schwartz11/21/2005
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Jianmin Cui10/10/2005
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Matthew T. Andrews05/23/2005
Oleg Sharifov04/25/2005
Yasushi Okamura02/18/2005